Development using Digital Print print have made significant progress toward competition with offset printing system.


An understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of using a digital printing method with offset printing is very important to determine an appropriate choice.

Offset printing

is a way of printing for high-volume and in general have been carried out for commercial purposes. Characteristic in offset printing which required the use of film and printing plates (aluminum plate) to be used as transfer media document to be printed to the media surface paper, plastic, etc. and documents has become to be printed on the ink filled roll machine.

Offset printing has a high enough price if the volume of printing in the category a bit, because it requires an offset printing plate and film. One plate represents one area of the document, the color and type. The more types of documents and the colors used, the amount of fees to be paid even greater. In addition to the plates, offset printing prices are also determined by the type of paper, the color blend, paper size and color quality.

Offset printing excellence by:

1. The prints on color quality is much more durable (does not fade fast) than using a digital print.

2. The price of printing in quantity lots will be much cheaper than the digital print.

3. Can do printing on various media types of paper surfaces that can not be done by the digital machine, as can print the paper thickness up to 400gr, capable of printing on a patterned fields such as Samson, Embossed / Engrave Paper, recycle paper, it can print on paper sizes up to 100 x 70 cm.

4. Can print on paper field which is relatively thin as it is often used to guide the Memorandum of NCR, HVS & Dorslag

5. Can use ink manifold Gold, Silver, and when printing with a color gradient gray (Grayscale), then the result will be much more accurate than digital printing.

6. Can print with ink Full Block with sharp and uneven results. Printing ink by means of this block is often used to manufacture a negative type design.

digital Printing

Printing using a digital printing is the exact opposite of offset printing process, which means it is not required Digital print plates and films so the price is not measured by the material. Digital printing accounting for less than the offset printing for volume printing small amounts. Print digital printing can be completed in a very fast time rather than attempting to offset.

Some of the advantages of digital printing method is:

1. Design a graph that you create can be printed directly as you wish. Guarantee the results will be the sharpness and clarity of images and text are determined by the quality of design that you create. Note that all the design that you create should be in CMYK color format.

2. The time it takes to print a very short, but this depends on the amount / number of prints.

3. The production cost is cheaper than other printing method especially for small amounts.

4. Printing by means of digital printing is a printing method that is more environmentally friendly than the other way because the process of printing digital printing is a printing process that is most economical in their use of paper, ink and other woods.

If you have a relatively small budget, then selecting Print Digital printing is the right choice for printing preformance small amounts.

As for the results, there was no significant difference to the results of offset printing and digital printing.


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