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An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea. -Edward de Bono-


Premier Printing is one of the digital print service center (digital offset), the largest in Surabaya.

Established in 2008, initially the Premier only serve A3 print size. Now, we are ready to provide print and finishing good and comprehensive, ranging from up to A3 format outdoor media with a large size.

Our goal is to become the largest digital printing continues to grow, credible, and become the first choice for a variety of printing needs you. We believe that with hard work and accuracy in providing quality services and continue to invest in technology and qualified human resources, our goal will be achieved.





- Design your creativity, make happen together with Premier. -



  • Full printing service
  • We serve almost all your printing needs, ranging from business cards, promotional materials, up to large-sized banner.
  • Excellent print quality
  • We are investing in a great technology. Bright colors, solid black color and prints are accurate and sharp will come true with us.
  • Print quickly, with no minimum order
  • With us, you can meet the urgent demands of the print deadline. You can also print a number of your needs.
  • Material selection and variety of printing paper
  • Realize your ideas with a perfect through material selection and printing paper variety. Be prepared to find
  • new ideas and possibilities are endless.
  • Professional and experienced workforce
  • Our employees are ready to help every step of the embodiment of creativity.



Premier Printing is committed to providing more value in every service.

Cutting-edge Equipment:

1. Digital offset printing

2. Large format printing

3. Finishing service



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Premier Printing 
1st Premium Quality Printing 
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