Tent Cards

Share featured menu or enhance your restaurant's branding by printing a stunning high-quality tent cards.

Choose The Tent Cards Type According to Your Business Needs

Triangle Fold Tent Cards

Starting price Rp4.092,00
  • High-quality thick materials
  • Do not require additional acrylic to stand
  • Available in choices of Doff and Glossy lamination
  • Suitable for short-term promotions

Sheet Insertion Tent Cards

Starting price Rp2.715,00
  • High-quality thin materials
  • Need to be inserted inside an acrylic stand
  • Avalable in choices of 1 and 2-sided print
  • Non-laminated
  • More durable, suitable for long-term promotions

Follow These Easy Steps to Order

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  • Create or Upload Design
  • Complete Payment
  • Order Complete
Choose Print Products
Step 1

Choose Print Products

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Order Specification
Step 2

Order Specification

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  • Choose the quantity of print products that you want.
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Create or Upload Design
Step 3

Create or Upload Design

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  • Design it using the online visual editor as you desired.
  • Or you can also directly upload your own design file that has been adjusted to our design guidelines.
Complete Payment
Step 4

Complete Payment

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Order Complete
Step 5

Order Complete

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  • Review us about the results of the print product you received or tell us about your experience using our services.